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Rings and Their Symbolic Meaning

Rings and their meaning symbolism for men- what finger(s) to wear a ring on

Wearing of rings have been in existence for through out the decades. For men it has been a little bit outmoded in the last few years but recently, they have come back to fashion and so many men wear rings again. It is always clear message you are sending when you are wearing rings on your thumb and index finger. I am a big fun of rings so the topic is very dear to my heart.

first of all let start with the ring finger. Before medical science was established people thought there was a direct vein from your ring finger to your heart. It was called Vena Amoris or the vein of love because of that, it was the natural finger to wear wedding ring on. Many people ask questions on what hand should you was your wedding ring on. It depends on the culture for example, in Germany men would wear their wedding ring on their left hand while they were engaged. They would switch it to their right hand once they got married.

The next finger I would talk about is the pinky finger which is also known as the little finger. Wearing a ring for the pinky finger for men has a long history. For instance in the United State pinky ring is sometimes associated with criminals. For example in the movie of the “godfather “ you can see them wearing pinky rings.

Next up is the middle finger also known as the long finger. Very few men choose to wear ring on this finger. It’s located at the middle of your hands is said to symbolise responsibility and balance. Wearing a ring on your middle finger is a bold choice that gets you noticed.

Next up is the index finger. It is the most dominant finger only second to the thumb and because of that is symbolises power, authority and leadership. If you want your ring to be noticed wear it on your index finger.

Last but not the least is the thumb. It’s probably the most used finger. The thumb is the key to any kind of grip so having a ring on it really restrict your movement. Wearing a ring on your thumb symbolises wealth because you don’t any to do practical work with it.

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