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My teacher said he will marry me, after chopping me 6 rounds the first day, this is what he told me.

My instructor proposed to me, the absolute first day that I was conceded into "Guardian angel alone" global school. At the point when he proposed, I was flabbergasted in light of the fact that how might you approach another understudy in your school and propose to her like that. 

I outlined for him, I will consider everything. He gathered my number and said he will call me. He called that very evening and began proposing further. 

He said since he is youthful, he is yet to wed, so when he saw me, something conversed with him to move toward me, and propose to me. 

Since that day, he generally calls me to come around and cook for him, thus, he generally cleaves me multiple times every day I visit him. He slashes me as though he is a tractor machine. Regardless of whether I am worn out, he doesn't care about me and does what he need me. 

At the point when school emptied, I chose to pay him a visit to his old neighbourhood, since he has vowed to wed. I considered him a few times without getting the telephone, I gave him messages, also. 

Afterwards, he returned and answered my messages that " hi Chizoba, don't call. I can't talk now. I need to disclose to you something dire, and it is that I'm married..." 

My instructor is a hitched man, and has misled me to wed me, and has exploited in shopping me 6 times each day. 

I'm truly harmed, Deeply hurt, I don't realize I will recuperate now. How would it be a good idea for me to manage my instructor?

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