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Husband and wife relationship

My Husband’s Younger Brother is the Father of My Children

He was my best friend in the Junior High School, we did everything together when we were in the Junior High School, we started dating at the the Senior High School and got married after our National Service.

We got married, after 3 years without kids, her mother mounted pressure on him to marry another wife, her mother brought a woman from her village just to ruin our marriage but my husband stood on his feet and rejected the offer, I went to different hospitals and I was told, there is nothing wrong with me and I am medically fit to get pregnant. 

In Africa, after 2 years of marriage, if the couple are not able to give birth fingers are pointed to the woman, women are always at fault. We went to the hospital together for medical examination and we went through series of laboratory tests, the results turn out that, my husband cannot impregnate a woman. 

The test results revealed that, He contracted syphilis in his childhood which was left untreated. My mother in-law brought an idea that, I should sleep with my husband's younger brother to give her a grand child, since my husband is a first son a well to do, I denied her. This woman forced me to sleep with my husband's brother. I got pregnant and gave birth to a female child, after two years, the woman is insisting, I should sleep with another man to get her a male child, Im fed up and want to reveal the secret to my husband before he gets to know. The issue of childbirth should not be the challenge of the wife until medical examinations has proven, even if the woman has medical issues in conceiving, there are other medical supports for her to be able to conceive, couples should be allowed to settle their marriage issues, parents can only give advice not to ruin their marriage.

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