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Tribes with The Most Handsome And Romantic Guys in Ghana

Though education and civilization have changed the traditional responsibilities of men and women in society, in Africa the man shoulders the majority of the responsibilities in the family. They are usually the breadwinners of their families. It is an open secret that women are more naturally adorable than men, some men look equally attractive.

In Ghana, all men are handsome and romantic in their own rights. But some look more appealing than others. This article seeks to bring to you the top five tribes with the most romantic and handsome men in Ghana. This article is not to demean and belittle any tribe, but to throw the light on public opinion of which tribes in Ghana have the hottest, handsome, and romantic guys in Ghana.

The list of top of the most handsome and romantic guys in Ghana include;

5. The Akans; the men from Kumerica are dark and short. They are very hardworking and spoil their ladies with money and gift. A man from Oseikrom is never scared of approaching a lady and expressing his feeling to her. The only problem is that sometimes they brag about something they do not have.

4. Ga men; the men from the capital are usually plus size. They command a lot of respect with their pot belly. Normally traders, however, can still stay with their parents even after marriage.

3. Ada men; are calm, shy, and handsome. They are usually average size in height, dark and handsome. They go all out to put bread and butter on the table of their family. They, fortunately, do not cheat on their partners.

2. Ewe men; the number nine men are normally light-skinned, bearded, and handsome. They are much educated and work hard to make their family happy.

1. Dagomba men; are thick and tall. They are very dark and well-built. They are no doubt the most handsome guys in Ghana.

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