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END TIME IS NEAR: This is What a Man Did to This Lady That Made People Say He's Not Man Enough

Social media has taken over everything in this world, whenever something happens around us, we rush online to share videos or pictures about it. We really need to be careful about what we share online because sometimes we share pictures, videos about people who are innocent, and these things can damage their reputation forever.

Civilization has taken over the world, especially in Africa where we have welcomed it with open arms. This is because we believe that the white culture has superiority over black culture, that has prompted us to embrace their culture of no shame, and it's really killing our progress and has made us lose our true identity as a continent.

Every day is for them, but one day is for the owner, a beautiful lady from a state called Portharcourt in Nigeria was caught in an immoral act with another who happens to be her concubine by her husband. The lady was believed to have been dating the man for a longtime before neighbors told her husband to keep an eye on her.

Her husband told her he was embarking on a business trip to another state, so she brought the man to her marital home when she believed her husband had travelled and might not come back the same day. Unfortunately for her, the husband quietly came back home with his friends and caught her red-handed on top of her concubine.

Picture of the man that was caught with her:

The husband was so angry, to the extent that he didn't allow the wife to wear her clothes, he dragged her out of the house and started calling her names while she was still naked. The neighbors and the passer-by all came out to caution the man to allow his wife to wear her clothes.

All the pleas from the people fell on deaf ears for him, and he continued to parade her on a busy road while calling her unpleasant names. Although, the lady was at fault for bringing a man to their matrimonial home, but no matter what the case may be, the man should have acted like a matured man and shouldn't have paraded her in public without her clothes on.

This should serve as a big lesson for young women who are fond of having extramarital affairs here and there. If you think you are perfect with the way you handle things, remember God is watching, and a day where you would be caught red-handed will surely come.

Do you think the man should have kept is nerves or did the lady got the treatment she deserves?

Content created and supplied by: Hajia_Maryam (via Opera News )

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