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5 Signs That You Are In A Fake Relationship

Many of us are in fake relationships, without even knowing. What you might be having is an affair, real relationships take a lot of efforts, no doubts there, but they are always better than fake ones in the long run.

Below are 5 signs that you maybe in a fake relationship.

1. Problem With Communication:

Good communication is a requisite for a healthy relationship, if you are in a relationship where you two barely communicate, you can’t recall the last time you had a heart to heart with your partner.

You just text each other every once in a while, it’s just on and off, you are unaware of what’s going on in the other person’s life and it generally feels like you don’t know the other person then you’re not really in a relationship.

2. Serious discussions are off-limits

You are wrong to think that a perfect relationship is one with no arguments and heated discussions, a happy couple talks about things that matter and it does not affect their love for each other.

If you guys avoid having consequential conversations, talk about superficial things like the weather, then your relationship is too good to be true. If you really care about things, then there is no way you can go without arguments every now and then.

3. There is sexual only chemistry:

You guys are too hot for each other in the bed, but when it comes to talking and communication you guys are clueless or just not interested.

The only way you guys feel in sync is by means of physical contact, this simply means you are in a carnal relationship, once the infatuation dies, so will the relationship. This is a very common, characteristic sign of a relationship being timely.

4. There is a lot of confusion

This is one of the things that you really DON’T want to have in your head while in a relationship. There has to be trust between you two. Even if it takes asking your partner, if he loves you or not, a hundred times, do that. Be a hundred and ten percent sure about that person, and then decide. Because you don’t want to live with this confused feeling your whole life and end up regretting.

5. You don’t know each other’s family and friends

A person who is serious about you wants to make you a part of his life, will always introduce you to his friends and family. If it’s been a while and you still haven’t met each other’s family and it doesn’t seem to bother one or both of you, this means the person doesn’t want to get ‘too involved’ and has set limits to how far the relationship will go.

Doing this can mean a couple of things, one is that the person is not sure about you at all. He thinks that this relationship won’t last for long and you two will eventually break up so why bother and make you meet his parents or friends.

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