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3 Ways To Like Your Current Boyfriend when You Still Love Your Ex

1.Be open to new things.

Don't try to do what you did, the way you did it with your ex. Remember that this relationship is new and different. You don't want to replay your old relationship with a new boyfriend. Trying new things, having new rituals, and making new traditions with your boyfriend will help the two of you bond making it easier to like him even though you still love your ex.

If you and your ex ate lunch together every Wednesday and Friday, consider meeting your new beau for weekend brunch.

If you called your ex "Baby," try calling your current boyfriend "Sweetie," "Honey," or some other nickname.

2. Don't make comparisons.

Comparing your current boyfriend to your ex is not a good idea for several reasons. Mainly it's a bad idea because in order to compare the two, you have to think about your ex. A lot. It's also not a good idea because you should like your current boyfriend for who he is not because of how he is different from (or similar to) your ex.

Try not to think about what your boyfriend does better or even similar to your ex.

Don't look for things that your ex did better. It will reinforce your love for your ex, not help you like your boyfriend more.

3. Accept that he's not perfect.

Your new boyfriend will make mistakes, but you shouldn't hold these against him. Don't use his small mess-ups as a reason to not like him. Unless he is doing something that you consider a deal-breaker, cut him a little slack.

No one is going to have all of the qualities you are looking for or do things the way you prefer all of the time.

Don't expect him to know all your likes and dislikes yet. The relationship is still new, so give him time to get to know you.

When he does make a mistake, avoid telling him he is acting like your ex (or how your ex would have handled it better). That can hurt him and make him mad

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