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Check Out 2 Common Mistakes People Make After Intercourse Which You Must Avoid…

We all have a fair knowledge about what you should do to take care of your sexual health. However, there are definitely a few things you need to avoid to ensure that you can enjoy sex without putting yourself at the risk of health issues.

While there are some things you must do after sexual intercourse for better health, there are some common mistakes most people make right after sex which might increase the risk of infections. 

Here are 2 thing that you must refrain from after having intercourse with your partner. You need to ensure that you avoid this common mistake after sex, especially the ladies.

1. Don’t wear tight clothes to sleep after intercourse. 

Your body warms up after coitus and you tend to sweat. If you wear nylon or synthetic lingerie, it might create abrasions. What’s more, those nylon undies might lead to itchiness after getting in contact with vaginal secretions.

2. Avoid a hot bath after sex.

A hot water bath might sound like an excellent plan after having intercourse but it might increase your chances of getting an infection. Our private parts are exposed to a lot of bacteria during sex. A hot water bath can provide the bacteria with a conducive temperature to multiply. Bathing with hot water for a prolonged period of time will also mean that the bacteria have prolonged access to different parts of your body. This will not only be harmful to your genital health but also your partner’s.

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