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Ghanaian ladies: Do not take it easy when a guy holds your waist, see reasons why.

Men are suppose to be with a companion naturally and legally and that companion must be a female. Women are very sensitive and emotional and some are easy go, they just give in to anything without thinking the consequence or outcome. Let's get started with the main reason why we came here.

The waist of girls are some part in which when you touch they feel it, it drives them almost crazy. Ladies, do not take it likely when a guy holds your waist. Why do you think a guy would hold your waist? Friendship must have limits, if he is your friend there should be a clean relationship.

Men of today want nothing more in girls than for an intercourse. Ladies, if a man holds your waist then he wants to have an intercourse. Do not allow a guy to touch your waist only if you want to let yourself go and remember, there are dangers waiting for you at the end.

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