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Misconceptions most men encounter when choosing between girls of dark and fair complexion

In these modern times, skin color preference is also an essential part of most relationships, while some men may not consider the body complexion of the woman they're interested in dating, others consider the body complexion as an important part of the relationship. Even though women seem to care less about the skin color of the men they have affection for, this is not the same when it comes to men.

Most men prefer girls of fair complexion to dark ones for the following reasons, but these are misconceptions:

1. Fair girls are always beautiful: this is not always true, the fact that someone is fair does not make the fallow beautiful. It will not be a good discussion to miss the person who loves you and go for the one who doesn't love you because of skin color.

2. When you marry a fair girl, you will procreate children of fair body complexion: this is a misconception because not every fair person has a fair genotype. Don't be surprised that two partners who are both dark in complexion will produce children who are fair in complexion.

3. Family influence: most men are compelled to marry fair women due to the influence of their family of orientation, some families frown upon women who are dark in complexion, especially if all the family members are fair in complexion. Though it's good to involve your family when selecting your would-be wife, skin color should not be an influence on your selection.

The high preference for fair girls over dark girls is the reason why most of the youth are bleaching. When men develop more affection for dark-colored girls, the rate of bleaching will decrease. Most of the chemicals in bleaching agents are very poisonous and can easily weaken the outer skin. Color should not be considered an essential part of relationships.

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