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6 Foods To Avoid Before Making Love With Your Partner According To Health Experts

According to experts, there are certain foods that can be anti-sex, just as there are aphrodisiac food choices that can put you in the mood. Take note of the following foods to watch out for before you order the meal that can make or break your sex life. Below are six foods to avoid before making love with your partner.

Cheese. Cheese may be one of the most common food products and ingredients in existence, but if you want to up your sex life, you’d better stay away from it right before getting it on. Diary products can cause you to experience gas and bloating, so it might be a good idea to save the cheeseburger and pizza for later.

Beans. Another no-no when it comes to pre-sex food is the almighty bean. Although they are great sources of protein, folate, and iron, eating beans on the day of or even right before having sex can cause you to become gassy and bloated. If you want to fit into your little black dress, skip that little black bean burrito.

Microwavable popcorn. As popular as this movie-time snack may be, experts say to skip it when you’re in front of the silver screen with your date if you’re planning to take the date to a more intimate level afterwards. The chemicals in the linings of microwavable popcorn bags, which are the same as those found in nonstick pots and pans, are linked to a reduced sex drive in men as well as significantly lower sperm counts.

Alcoholic drinks. If you’ve only gone on a few dates and you want to break the ice with a few cocktails, skip the bar. Although alcohol can help you and your date loosen up and throw your inhibitions out the window, knocking back those cosmopolitans may not be a good idea. Alcohol can make you sleepy if you have too much, and you may find yourself feeling heavy, bloated, and flatulent.

Oatmeal. Although a small bowl of oatmeal is enough to make you feel good and full for an after-breakfast romp in the bedroom, you should be careful not to eat a lot of it. Eating bowl after bowl of oatmeal can lessen your sex drive not to mention make you feel gassy.

Gum. Although gum is not technically a food, many amours munch on sticks of gum right before a date or after a meal to mask the scent of what they just ate. However, while it can give you kissable breath, the air you are swallowing while chewing may give you gas, which can definitely kill the mood.

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