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She Doesn't Want me Anymore Because I Don't Drink Alcohol - Guy Seeks Advice on Facebook

A guy posted her her relationship problem with the aim of seeking an advice. Read his story below.

I'm a guy of 25years and have never done drugs or alcohol..

A lot of friends have commended me for how I insistently say no to alcohol even after I have joined the military,since it is perceived that you automatically become an alcoholic when you become a security personnel..

I enjoy soft drinks and without it I can’t really enjoy my meal especially^ti rice delicacies..

Just about three months agoTrfienTiis lady and we have been getting along smoothly since then.

Except for the fact that she keeps complaining about my preference for soft drinks and says she'd rather prefer I took alcohol..

I don't know what to do right now.. Are there any alternatives aside alcohol that i can substitute for??

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