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Divorce Affair

No matter how good you treat a woman, she will still cheat : NPP vice Chairman.

The vice chairman of the ruling new patriotic party has given a very controversial advice to the youth in Ghana.

The advice that Mr Bugri Naabu has given the youth may be correct but how he framed the statement had triggered a lot of debates.

According to Mr Bugri Naabu, young men should marry more in order to have options since keeping one women and is not a good idea because of how some women behaves.

He added that if you keep one woman ,no matter how good you treat her ,she will still go and cheat hence his advice to the youth to marry more.

This assertion by the new patriotic party's vice chairman has triggered a lot of anger among both sexes of the general population.

People don't understand why a man as experience as his nature in all spheres of life will come up with such wacked logic.

The man made the assertion when he was speaking on joy prime a multimedia channel on multi TV.

What the big man has forgotten is the numerous responsibilities that comes with marrying more women especially these days where there is increasing economic hardships all over.

This advice has clearly been shot down since all women are not the same and can't be put together in the same bracket as expressed in the various reactions the statement has generated

A few excesses from certain women shouldn't be used as a yardstick to generalise all women.

This logic that men can do whatever they want but women can't is a primitive way of thinking in this era of post modernism.

There are countless women who wholeheartedly supports their men but are not appreciated and their men go out and cheat .In this instant, will the big man advice those women to go and get additional husbands?.

May be he was referring to other religions because Christianity clearly frowns on polygamy.

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