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What exactly is true love?

True love is an intense and long-lasting affection shared by spouses or lovers in a happy, passionate, and fulfilling relationship.

True love is the emotion shared by a couple who has been married for 40 years and is still passionate about and cares deeply for each other.

The wife looked in the mirror at herself and asked her husband, "Do you still love me?" The man responded, "Oh, and very beloved!" But isn't my body different from when we first met?

No, I didn't notice, said the man. She placed her hand on my stomach and said, "Look, my belly is much bigger and heavier, and my legs are no longer smooth." "Why do you need me like this?" she asked, her eyes welling up with tears. When I touch your body, I feel your love, I see your kind heart, and I see your beautiful figure, said the man.

I know it's a beautiful shape, and I adore you. Don't be upset about how you look; instead, enjoy how I see you and how I still feel you. I fell in love with your soul's sensuality and kindness, not your body's bustle, and through tears I drew a smile on her face, which shines again. That is how it should be in life and love, because you love with your heart, not your eyes.

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