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Fresh Twist: Couple In Lake Bosomtwi Stuck Lovemaking Saga Facing Public Humiliation

The actions humans take today can go a long way to either make a beautiful future tomorrow or cause great harm. Such is the more reason why many are advised to be careful in every single step they take in life so that the ending will be full of praises. For some days now, a lady and gentleman have been trending in the news for bad reasons.

They were captured in a motion image having an affair in Lake Bosomwti n the Ashanti Region of Ghana. They appeared stuck in the said video and the two have since been trending. Many have read meanings into their action. Whilst some believe it was the gods who were angry, others indicate it’s natural to once a while see couples getting stuck during intercourse.

A few days after the act of the two went viral, it has emerged that they were actually shooting a movie and a scene came out which portrayed that the duo had gotten stuck in the lake. Directors of the said movie had begun explaining matters to Ghanaians by indicating that it was a true-life story at Abono which they were making a movie out of it.

One of them who goes by the name Jojo Wilson spoke in a telephone interview with Magrehab TV and revealed that the two persons involved have been receiving a lot of public backlashes after the stuck scene hit the public domain. They have been indoors because whenever they come out of their rooms, members of the community begin pointing fingers at them. People who do not know the real story behind the video have been calling them names.

The humiliation from the public is gradually becoming unbearable and they now want Ghanaians to know the truth. The directors of the movie only wanted to tease the public with the scene but it has created problems for the two. However, the humiliation will eventually die off when the entire nation realized it was a movie. The name of the said movie is currently unknown but they claim the lovemaking stuck scene is part of the full movie.

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