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5 Signs A woman Has Lost Interest In You(Read More)

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1. She's always rude and defensive: once you start noticing that a lady who loves you so much starts behaving rude to you, such means she don't love you or has interest in you anymore. Because a lady who loves you can't start being rude to you for no reasons, because if a lady loves you she will always compose her herself and also be calm. 

As a young man you starts noticing that a woman who normally pays attention to you when ever you talking to her changes and starts mishaving just know she doesn't have interest in you anymore. 

2. She stops calling or texting unlike before: once a lady loves you she will always call and text you, I mean once she loves you, but once start noticing that she don't longer call or text you like before it just shows that she don't longer have interest in the relationship anymore. 

3. She doesn't tell you things anymore: a lady who loves you will always tell you many things about her even secrets she will open up to you about it, but once she stops it means she doesn't have any interest in you anymore and also once trust starts lacking in a relationship just know she don't love u and can trust you anymore. 

4. She stops saying "I love you": once you start noticing that your girlfriend normally tell you I love you always and before you know it she stops telling you that word just know something is wrong. 

5. She starts doing things without informing you: every lady Normally tell their boyfriend things before doing it, but if she stops sorry to say this that relationship is at risk. 

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