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Our five children are all disabled after 25 years of marriage. A married couple tells their story.

God has blessed us with Seven kids but has tested us with five ,says Abena Penaman and the husband who shared the painful story of how all their five children are disabled.

Children are supposed to be a blessing from God, but when you have children, you may feel as if hell is a better place to be. In our part of the world, it is almost expected that once you marry, you will have a child or children. Abena Penaman and her husband have given birth to seven children in their effort to have babies as society demands of married couples, but five of them have given them a hard time. Abena's husband stated that he is a mason, but that he has had to stop working due to the condition of his five children.

According to these couples, who have been married for 25 years, these children are always normal when they are born but as they progress, they begin to notice delay in their development. They try to seek medical help but they are often told that there is nothing wrong with them. Some hospitals also told them that it's most likely a common infection that will go away with treatment. However, they all end up being intellectually challenged and acting out in ways that are out of character for children their age.

Life has not been easy for these couples seeing they have to take care of five children who are quite abnormal with their behaviors. Taking care of one child like that can be very time consuming, scary and very distressing not to talk about five of them. 

What seems to surprise Ghanaians about these couples is that they decided to continue having children despite the fact that all but the first two were developing that condition. But the question is whether we should blame the couples for continuing to have children or whether we should examine our health-care system and its effectiveness. These children used to have convulsions, according to the parents. It is true that if convulsions are not treated properly, they can have an impact on brain function. As much as people blame the parents, there is also a need for us to review our health-care system. Possibly with good health care system they wouldn’t have ended this way

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