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"Make Women Chase You" - 3 Things Women Wants From Guys But Refuse To Tell Them

Dating has now been a natural phenomenon which happens among the young and old. Succeeding in the chess game of love would really demand what you're capable of doing. Women are creatures that need a lot of time and patience to be able to understand them. As a guy, there are certain things women want but they find it very difficult to let it out or tell you. It is time you wake up from your slumber and dig deeper into the things women really want. That is how you would be able to make your dating a success. Here are 3 things a woman wants you to do but they feel shy to tell you.

1. Smell Good

That is the top most attractions sign to be able to communicate with your woman. Women are fond of been attractive to guys who have good smells. Visit the perfume shop to get some body splash to make your look good. Dress fashionably by trimming your hair and beard very well.

2. Compliment Her

No woman would tell you that they are not attracted to guys who compliment them naturally. My ability to deliver simple and natural compliment has made me won the heart of many women in my vicinity. Don't fake your compliment, let it be real. Be bold in complimenting her. Don't see yourself higher in terms of social status and therefore feel too big to compliment her.

3. Ambitious Guy

Wow, that is an attractive trait I guess. Every woman wants to be with the most successful guy in town. Don't make chasing women your priority. Have ambitious goal to accomplish. Get a business doing. Refuse to walk with people who look down on your dream. Make conscious effort to make your dreams a reality.

Please follow me for more updates on how to make your dream girl chase you.

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Smell Good


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