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7 Techniques and Insights on How to Make New Friends

The Oxford Dictionary defines a friend as someone “who is not an enemy and who you can trust: a person who you know well and who you like a lot, but who is usually not a member of your family”

Friends can be good to us, they help us in times of need, they provide advice for us, they lift us when we’re down. No wonder friends form a major part of our lives. Making new friends is not all that easy these days. Some people feel very nervous when about to make new friends.

In this article, I have outlined insights and techniques on how to make new friends, just continue reading. With a little effort and readiness to step outside of your comfort zone, you can easily make friends. Here're 7 Techniques on How to Make New Friends:

1. Be Genuine

Genuine simply means something that is not fake or counterfeit. Please take serious note of this one, be real and authentic, and you’ll attract what you are, it’s as simple as that. True friendship is built on parties accepting each other for who they are. Don’t fake your personality in the effort just to make friends, if they come to realize it, that’s your end.

Continue the activities and hobbies you love doing, probabilities are high that you’ll get attracted to like-minded people who’ll become your friends. So, just be yourself. That way, potential new friends will know who you’re, and they’ll use that to decide if they want to take the friendship or not.

2. Go Out and Meet People

Hello! You can’t be in your comfort zone and expect to make new friends. You need to take some action. To do that, you need to get yourself out of the comfort zone and associate with a lot of people. Attend good social gatherings of your choice to meet a lot of people. Attend workshops where you can meet like-minded people. 

This one works like magic, if you volunteer to pursue your passion, automatically, you’ll attract new friends to your side. Another way is by going to good public events, birthday parties, functions and other festivities where you’ll meet people. A good way also to make new friends is through online forums and social networks. I have thousands of friends online because I am a passionate researcher, writer, blogger, and online Evangelist.

3. Be Dependable and Trustworthy

Being trustworthy means taking responsibility for one's conduct and obligations. Trustworthy is also the trait of believing in the honesty and reliability of others. To have complete confidence in a person for who they truly are.

Trust me on this point, when people find out that you’re trustworthy, they will ever be willing to be your friend. Why? If you’re trustworthy, people will feel at ease being around you and also open up to you. People want to have friends with whom they will tell anything, deep secrets which they can’t tell even their parents, siblings or any other relations of theirs.

4. Have A Listening Ears to Others

If you want to make new friends then you need to listen to others. To make new friends, be a good listener! Listening to others while they talk means that you value and care for them and that their opinions matter. Be interested in others and they’ll also be interested in you.

People don't like one sided friendship! Don’t be the person who always wants others to listen to you because you feel you’re superior or you have a better story to tell, otherwise people will flee away from you. You’ll make a lot of new friends when you listen carefully to what they say, remember important details about them, and ask questions about their interests.

5. Extend A Helping Hand to People

How can you help people? Be a person who contributes to the fulfillment of a need or furtherance of an effort or purpose especially to strangers. Be the fountain of help to people and you shall reap the reward of having good friends. Don’t you know that all eyes are on you when you’re helpful? People are appreciating and loving you from the distance and would like to be your friend.

6. Have A Sense of Humor

To have a sense of humor is the quality of being funny. Being hilarious is the nature of being clever. An area enveloped with humor will make individuals calm and agreeable. Who might want to be with somebody who is tense, inflexible and pays attention to things throughout the day? Be easy-going and do things the correct way, individuals will start to like you and you’ll make new friends.

7. Value People and Show Interest in Something They're Passionate About

For what reasons do most people make friends? This is because they've seen that you’re enthusiastic about something they like, right? People will automatically be pulled into you when you’re enthusiastic about that individual's interests. Value and respect people regardless of their age and social status by so doing, nature itself will reward you with friends

I hope this article helped you on how to make new friends! Don’t forget to share – sharing is caring. Follow and like this channel for more useful insights! Thanks! I know the list is not complete! What other ways can one make new friends? Have your say by commenting!

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