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6 Ways to know a double-dating partner.

Trying to get to know a double-dating partner can be a bit difficult, and nothing can be more painful than getting betrayed by someone you trust. Especially from your partner. While a few of them do this with the thought of having peace of mind and having the other relationship at hand when one is probably not working out. But at the end they still end up losing both relationships. 

It is also important you know that there are consequences of double-dating, and heartbreak is the consequence. That is why I will be talking about the signs of a double-dating partner that can be helpful.

Here are 6 ways to get to know a double-dating partner.

1. Privacy Issues.

A partner who hides things and is always scared whenever you're with their phones. And always changing their phone security password each time they discover that their partner now knows their phone security lock code. This is a sign that your partner may be doing something suspicious or a sign that he or she is double-dating.

2. Wrong introduction.

When you're in a relationship, and your partner keeps introducing you to their friends as a friend or coworker. Instead of introducing you as their partner. Then this is also a reg flag. A partner who sees you in his future won't go ahead telling people you're just a friend. This neither means that they're not proud of you nor signs that they're double-dating.

3. They are always busy.

It is fine that sometimes your partner can be unavailable or even busy to take your calls or even reply your texts. But when this becomes a habit, it is advisable to ask them the reason, and don't be too quick to start blaming them immediately. But when you ask them for reasons, and they start raising their voice and shouting at you. Then this is a sign of a red flag.

4. Answering their phone calls becomes difficult when they're with you.

This is because other partners may call them with different phone numbers. So this will give them the intention of not picking up calls whenever they're with you. And when you insist on knowing why they're not answering their phone calls, they begin to give you a series of excuses.

5. They lie.

A cheating partner is always ready to lie to cover up their wrongdoings and whereabouts. And when you still intend to know about thereabouts, they cut off the conversation immediately and bring up a new topic.

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