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Lady narrates how she lost a relationship after she jokingly told her man that she can’t cook

The Nigerian told the internet community how the harmless joke was hurting their relationship.

Apparently, the woman who used HotJollof's handle on Twitter jokingly told her husband she had no culinary skills and that was enough for the man to pull the plug.

Your post is read as fragmented on Twitter;

"I spoke to this guy a while back, everything was going well until he asked me if I could cook.

I jokingly said no and his mood changed automatically. He says he can't go with a girl who can't cook, I said fine, but I m ​​ready to learn. Next, Uncle started giving me settings, stop calling, pick or answer calls.

When he finally did I asked why he suddenly changed and he said he wasn't feeling well just because I can't cook normal food at my age which I tried to explain but he didn't give me a chance.

He said and I quote: "No need to try to explain anything to me, food is as important to me in a relationship as sex, I'm sorry it didn't work and please don't hesitate to call me or text me again." .

I was silent for a few minutes, I tried to call him to tell him I was joking but he didn't care. I feel really bad because I like it. I told my boyfriend and he made a really good plan. About a week later, I called with a strange number. "

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