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I have to follow friends to do hook up before I will eat-Ohenema

A lot of the kumahood actresses have passed through a lot of difficult times. Ohenema is a kumahood actress and she had an interview with Louisa Adinkra to share her sad story. Living my life in Kumasi was very hard for me so I had to travel to another place to start a new life and it wasn't easy for me there too. I traveled to Obuasi to start a business there and I went there to sell food at Obuasi Gold mines. Through this business, I met a worker who was called Kwame and this guy has made me suffer a lot.

Kwame started treating me well when he first met me but later he changed his behavior towards me. He treated me painfully and later I got pregnant for him and I thought when I give birth he will change his behavior. When I gave birth it even worsen my situation. Sometimes when my son is sick and I call him that I need some money to buy some medicine he will tell me he doesn't have some so I should find a way to get some of the money. Then I will call his best friend then he will send me some money to take care of my child.

His best friend told me that Kwame has a lot of money but he doesn't want to give it to me. It seems he has lost interest in me and his friend will show me pictures of my boyfriend enjoying with other girls. When he came home, I told Kwame our son is still sick, so he should give me some money to take him to a hospital and he didn't mind me. So I decided to hold his hands and he pushed me while I was holding my son. The child was on the floor and acid poured on him and he was crying so I also pour some of the acids on my boyfriend then I came to Kumasi.

When I came to Kumasi, things were very difficult for me so I called my boyfriend's mother and she told me to bring her the child so that she will take care of him for me. I was left alone for some time and I couldn't pay my rent so my landlord told me to leave. I had some friends in Kumasi and I went there to stay with them. Not knowing they were all doing hook up so if you Don't follow them you won't eat. So I have to follow my friends to do hook up before I will get money to buy food. Sometimes when I follow these men to their house, I had to cry and tell them my story then they will give me some money and allow me to go home. Later then I had money then I decided to rent my own house because I couldn't do what my friends were doing to earn a living. As time went on then a friend of mine introduced me to a movie director called Jones who helped me a lot. Through director Jones, I was able to get some money to do some business and take good care of my child.

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Kumasi Kwame Obuasi Ohenema


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