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Guys, Just try these to have the woman of your dreams swooning over you.

Let’s me cut it straight to the point. Most men have little idea on how to impress. Be it your superior at work or just a girl you like; if you’re a man, chances are you have no clue about how to get their attention. You don’t have to look like a Hollywood fantasy hero to have the woman of your dreams swooning over you.

1. Appearance

Women are easily attracted to a confident and robust demeanor. Strong shoulders, coupled with a lean torso, usually receive the necessary attention from the ladies.

2. Smile

majority of women admit that, they get very impressed when their partners give them to that charming smile. If anything, women are instantly captivated by charming smiles. To have the lady of your dreams blushing, all you need is proper eye contact and an endearing smile.

3. Style statement

Unlike most men, women care about small details. From your hairstyle to what watch or shoe you wear, they often study you thoroughly without you knowing. Just branded jeans or suit won’t cut it. Dressing properly is a staple to impressing a woman. Choose the clothes that reveal more of your lifestyle and personality instead of going by the latest fashion trends.

4. Personality

Women are attracted to attitude and personalities in men. Being a nice person instead of being rude and unpleasant goes a long way. Moreover, a good sense of humor is always a win-win if you’re attempting to impress someone.

5. Manners

Manners often tend to be the tiebreaker in case there is a tie. Being a well-mannered person with a heart-warmingly pure tone will always work in your favor. Women like those who are interested and mild-mannered.

Voice and Language, Who would’ve thought reading books will ever be of any use? To impress a woman, being polite in your language is a must. Using crass language will only lead to rejection. Be someone that your lady can relate to.

6. Smell

All your hard work will be worthless if you don’t smell right. Would you be able to like someone who does not smell good? Similarly, no woman would be impressed by you if you don’t smell good. How can they be with someone they can’t be with?

7.Body Movement.

Actions always speak louder than words. If the woman you’re out to impress is irritated by your body movements, you being a nice guy will not amount to anything. Keep track of how smooth your actions are

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