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Couples, Avoid Telling People The Following Things About Yourselves

Marriage is a lifetime affair that requires the commitment of both partners to ensure its success. Building a successful marriage entails a lot of practices which include intimacy, mutual bond, trust, transparency, accountability and adopting privacy in some matters. 

Speaking of privacy, there are certain issues concerning romantic partners that should not be revealed or discussed with a third party. I quite understand certain people aren't our partners, but we feel free to share our secrets with them. However, it is still important to know when to draw the line, and believe me; your relationship with your spouse is where you should draw that line. There are certain things your friends and neighbour don’t need to know about your relationship, most especially the sensitive ones. 

Regarding this article, we shall be examining 5 marital affairs couples should not discuss with other people. See them below. 

Money Issue.

The issue of money among couples is a sensitive one that isn’t meant to be discussed with others. If your partner is having an issue with debt or low income, believe me; that is no business of your neighbours. Discussing the amount your partner is worth annually or revealing their financial shortcomings to your neighbours is one immature practice that might be detrimental to your relationship. If you need help in this area, seek advice from an objective party rather than spilling the information to your friends who might end up betraying you. 

Partner’s weakness or past mistakes.

Maybe your partner cheated, or they were involved in a criminal act, or they have probably been convicted for a crime in the past. No matter what the issue might be, there is no need to broadcast it. Your partner might have put the sad experience behind them, so allow it to remain that way. Using the weakness or past mistake of your partner as a topic of discussion outside your relationship might amount to a betrayal and your partner losing their integrity as well. 

Your sexual life. 

What you do with your partner behind closed doors should remain indoors. Intimacy or lovemaking with one's partner is one of the most vulnerable pieces of information a person can expose to others about themselves. Sharing the details of lovemaking with your spouse might decrease your value and that of your partner before the person you tell it to. Nobody needs to know how many times you had intercourse with your partner or their level of interest in it. 

Things you both share in confidentiality.

Discussing confidential matters your partner entrusted to you with your friends and neighbours is one act of disloyalty that can be harmful to your relationship. Revealing the private discussions your partner demands you keep a secret to your friends might lead to betrayal as they might end up discussing it with their friends as well. In a nutshell, treat confidential matters with secrecy. 

Details of your misunderstanding or fight. 

No one is perfect, not you, not your partner, not even your friends and family members. Understanding this fact will make you patient with your partner and also handle your misunderstanding as a couple and not involve a third party. When you run into a disagreement with your partner, try to fix it amicably, because sharing the details with everyone might worsen the situation. In conclusion, fix the problems with your spouse together as a family.

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