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How To Give Gifts To Your Loved Ones

1. Give a gift that shows you’ve thought about why your loved one would like it. For people whose primary love language is Receiving Gifts, it’s just as much about the meaning of the gift as whatever you’re actually giving to them. In order to give them the best gift you can, really think about their interests, hobbies, what they have, and what they need.[1]

For example, if your partner loves to cook and has been mentioning lately that they need a certain appliance or tool, that could be the perfect thing to give. It will show them that you appreciate their interests and listen to their needs.

Tip: The Receiving Gifts language isn’t about materialism. The thought behind the gift is at least as important as the gift itself, so focus more on making it personal than on getting something lavish or expensive.

2. Make something that has special importance for you and the other person. Gift-giving doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money on an expensive item. Creating something for your loved one can be just as (if not more!) meaningful as purchasing them something. Think of something special that you and your partner share, like a hobby, an interest, or a memory, and then come up with a way to turn that into a handmade gift that you can present to your partner.[2]

Some examples of things you can make include a scrapbook or photo album of pictures of you two together, a piece of jewelry, or an original drawing or painting of them.

3. Stick to classics that are sure to bring joy if you’re unsure of what to get. Some people truly are just hard to shop for! If you really can’t think of anything to get this special person in your life, choose from a few classics and then make it individual for them. Buy them their favorite flowers and a bottle of their favorite wine, a book that you think they’ll enjoy, some foods that they love (you can almost never go wrong with chocolate!), a piece of clothing that they’d look good in, or jewelry.

When in doubt, choose something practical that you know they’ll be able to use for a long time to come. For example, a nice coffee mug might not seem like the most exciting or unique gift, but your significant other is bound to get plenty of use out of it, which will bring them more happiness in the long term.

4. Choose experiential gifts so you can enjoy them together. Researchers have found that people get the most joy out of gifts they can experience rather than material objects. Even better, an experiential gift is something the two of you can do together, which is a great opportunity for bonding as a couple.[4] Try signing your love up for a class, buying them tickets to a show, or getting them a membership at a local club, museum, or gym.

Look for things that you can do together that reflect your shared interests. For example, if you both like to travel, you might buy tickets for a weekend getaway for two!

5. Spend time wrapping or preparing whatever it is that you are giving. The way a gift is presented says a lot. You don’t want to get them something and then just hand it over in a plastic bag. Find some nice wrapping paper or a pretty gift box or bag, and add a personal note from you to them.[5]

Studies show that people respond more positively to gifts that are nicely wrapped. Plus, taking the time to make the gift look good shows that you care enough to put in some effort!

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