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Divorce Affair

The Causes Of Marriage Failures And Divorces These Days In Ghana.

Marriage is one of the things that God Himself have blessed for us since creation. Marriage gives us companionship and family. The act of love is the foundation of marriage. In recent times, marriage ceremonies has become one of the most anticipating and esteem occasions. This should have made marriage a wonderful long lasting union. Unfortunately, marriage these days have become short term bonds. Below are reasons why.

First is having too many expectations. People go into marriages thinking once they are married all their problems will be solved. They percieve marriage as the solution to thier problems and hence expects too much of the marriage. If after the marriage and they realise their espectations cannot be met then they begin to lose interest in the marriage out of disappointment.

Second is the innability to produce a baby. One of the blessings of every marriage is children. If couples find it difficult to have babies, it puts their marriage a the edge of the cliff and can easily be pushed down. This may be that the woman is infertile or has multiple miscourages, or the man is infertile of impotent. Also lack of sexual satisfaction also plays a role in marriage breakdowns.

Pretence and impersonating before marriage is also a major threat to marriages. Before marriages, people try to put on characters that they are not. They do this to impress their partners during their relationship periods. After marriage, it becomes difficult to hide actual personalities. Their spouses then becomes disappointed and feel cheated. This begins to weaken their bonds and gradually breaks down the marriage.

Lack of communication and miscommunication. Communication is one of the major tools of every relationship. It sets the foundation of trust and companionship, and kills lonliness. When this skill is lost in a marriage, it puts the marriage at a dead end. The more communication is lost, the more difficult bringing it back becomes. This makes couples lonely in marriages and hence destroys their interest, love and affection for their partners.

Selfishness, this is also one of the things that damages relationships at all levels. Spouses who tend to be very selfish do not consider their marriages and partners first in decision making. They assume when they love what they do, automatically their partners should also admire same. This makes the others partners feel unwanted and not loved. Consistent actions of selfishness gradually breaks the basics the marriage bond making it to collapse.

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