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Mother Kisses Daughter In Public On The Lips. Here Is What People Are Saying

The relationship between a mother and a daughter is perhaps the most complex, delicate and at the same time indissoluble bond that can be created between two people. If during childhood the relationship seems even idyllic, time tests the feeling that unites mother and daughter by changing the family balance and changing roles.

This relationship that is established between a mother and her daughter is one of the strongest and most indissoluble bonds that can exist. Most mother try to live a good life so their daughters turn as to be as good as they are or even better. But that is not the case of many women. Under the context of civilization, they tend to do things that is contrary to the norms of an African community.

One mother took to social media to show to the world how lovely and sweet her relationship with her daughter is. Many women do these often just to brag about how tight they are with their daughters. The said mother did by posting a photograph of herself and her daughter kissing. It was not a peg. It was a kiss on her lips. 

Her behavior was met with both pleasure and displeasure. People who criticized the act said the the behavior was uncalled for and as an African, that was a abomination. The other half said that it was a normal thing to do as it builds the mother daughter relationship and further strengthens the bond between the two. The supported their argument saying that that is common in most countries abroad. One mother made it clear that she does that to all her kids. What is your opinion on the matter.

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