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Forgiveness Heals The Soul

“Darkness can’t drive out darkness, Only Light can do that. Hate can’t drive out hate; only Love can do that” – Martin Luther King Jr.

It weakens the heart when men no longer feel sorry for their evil deeds

Because they aren’t sorry, it feels so hard to be forgiven by their fellow men

Life in this world is a great struggle; yes! A very difficult puzzle

As we turn to find our way out, we will in one way or the other step on the toes of our fellow men

Whether you’re right or wrong, learn to say ‘i'm SORRY’

Apologizing for your actions doesn’t fade out your beauty or handsomeness

It rather shows how humble, loving and kind you are

Forgiveness is not an easy character to exhibit

As it at times feels more painful than the wound or sickness we suffered to forgive those who made us bleed inside

But yet, we still need to make peace with the people around us

Have in mind that humans are nothing

It doesn’t matter how hard you do struggle to get something

No matter how beautiful, handsome, rich or poor you are, we all have the same ticket which is DEATH as our result

So learn to value the right and wrong actions of others

Learn to appreciate the presence of others with their faults, as no man is perfect

For someday, they’ll be nowhere to be found for you to point accusing fingers at them

Always remember that darkness can’t drive away the darkness, it takes only light to do so

The same way hatred can’t drive out hatred but takes the power of love to do so

As forgiveness warms the heart and cools the sting,

Learn to forgive those who hurt you

Learn to forgive yourself for your faults and mistakes and move on

The practise of forgiveness is our most important contribution to healing the world from pain to gain

To err is human; to forgive is divine

Man must learn to exhibit these powerful resources; Love, Prayer, and Forgiveness

For FORGIVENESS is the final form of love that HEALS THE SOUL.

Content created and supplied by: XyloseMagazine (via Opera News )

Light Love Martin Luther King Jr


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