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END TIME: Meet The Man Who Married a Doll Because it Does What Other Ladies Can't do to Him

A body builder from Kazakhstan has held his marriage anniversary at a jaw-dropping ceremony with a doll for which he has been dating for 18 months.

In a traditional ceremony in 2019, Yuri Tolochko married a doll who was his fiancée. Douzens of pleased guests attended the ceremony. He clarified that he had met his fiancée in a bar for the first time, and he married the doll soon after the notorious coronavirus outbreak.

Yuri told reporters twice after he had been assaulted during a transgender protest in Kazakh City of Almaty on October 31 that his marriage ceremony was being postponed. He found that the horrific attack left a congestion and a ruptured his nose.

Yuri is well dressed in black dinner suit and a bow tie in the photos of their marriage ceremony, basking in a smile while dancing in her white lacy robe with his beautiful bride.

Picture of their wedding ceremony:

Mr. Tolochko wrote in a post by the unorthodox guest in the gym: "Pairs need to chat less and have better communication. Margo and I learned with time and experience that a conversation takes more than words. Your partner definitely deserves the best, but they have their part to play.

'I like the operation of the doll, and having intercourse is not especially relevant here. The chemistry between us is more than having intercourse. I love torture; I can bear so much agony. I really love to rule, Margo is in a position to do what others can't.

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