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Falling in love is science

You're feeling this special thing for this one person and you cannot seem to go a day without hearing from them. Your heart keep pounding when you're with. There is a scientific theory governing this phenomena. This is the three stages of falling in love.

These stages are:

1. Lust

Where there is an increase in testosterone and estrogen in men and women. One's libido increases and your crave to be intimate with this person. Next time, do not be offended your partner is making sexual advances towards you. His testosterone level is driving him insane. Learn to work things out well.

2. Attraction

This is the point you can go through fire and would not be bothered because you are content with your partner. This stage is controlled by dopamine and noradrenaline. These makes you giddy and excited when it comes to things with your partner or that one person. In this stage serotonin is decreased. Our eating and sleeping hormone. So you can be texting that person all day and forsake food.


This is the bond formation stage. You bond with that person. And it normally when oxytocin is released during mating. It joins to and that person making you want to make plans together, making life choice with them inclusive and the likes.

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