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Husband and wife relationship

Checkout Photos Of Woman Who Sowed Her Husband’s Car As A Seed To A Church

One woman who was a devout Christian wanted to do something special for her church, so she decided to plant seeds. The woman then went to a church to sow a seed with a car. But in this story, the car is not the woman's car, but belongs to her husband.

After the woman sowed the car as seed, several people who knew the woman and her husband approached and asked the church / pastor to return the car to the woman, otherwise they would attack the church yard in anger.

According to reports, after finding out the state of the car that had been given to him, the priest kindly returned the car along with the car records.

Reports also indicated Church members were dissatisfied with the woman for what she had done, and warned her not to return to church.

Check out more photos below.

The photo above shows the moment the priest returned the documents for the woman's car.

The woman reportedly took the car and brought it back to her husband.

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