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They'll Cry Soon - Ghanaians React As These Young Ladies Claim No Man Can Give Them Broken Hearts

Broken heart is the intense emotional stress or pain one goes through when a love relationship comes to an end. Those who are not able to control this pain end up in a psychiatric hospital, some commit suicide whiles others hurt the person who gave them broken hearts. Mostly, the issue of a broken heart is not about how well you have trained yourself not to fall in love with anyone.

There are some of the ladies and guys who show you true love from the beginning but at the end dismantle your heart. The young ladies in your picture have come out with a statement that has got many Ghanaians laughing. They claim that no man can give them broken hearts. This propelled some Ghanaians to ask whether they know the meaning of love at their tender ages.

Checking the facial expression of these girls, they might be between the ages of 16 and 18 years. They heard in the video saying, "The answer to the stigma which is even foolishness, we have been able to learn and endure it. Not a less break up, you think we cannot hold up. Just find some place to sit.

This trigger some experience Ghanaians in relationship to comment that these girls are just bluffing, they will cry very soon. They have not been in true love before that is why they are saying these words.

Check out some of the comments from some Ghanaians below:


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