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For my ladies: Phrases to use that would surely get you on his mind

Have you ever wondered how you can be on his mind always? It doesn’t have to make you the clingy type though. It is certainly nice to want to know how that feels like. Not to worry, for I am here to take you through some phrases to use, to make that feeling come to pass. There are some words that when you say it, no matter how little they are, goes a long way, even your imagination wouldn’t comprehend. 

“I am really proud of you”:

Most guys don’t really hear this a lot. A guy would be so much fascinated and would have the chills, as experiences a situation, where someone would open their mouths to let them know of how proud they are of him. It makes him smile and emotional as well. This word really helps him a lot as he is assured that someone out there, watches his every move and every step he takes, accomplishing a targeted goal. 

“I just can’t stop thinking about the other day”:

It doesn’t necessarily have to be anything sexual, just that being in their company made you happy. He would be very happy as he knows you enjoyed his company. He would even like to plan more dates with you, so you enjoy every bit of time, you spend with him. The compliment is more than enough, for him to continue spending time with you.

“I feel safe and protected anytime I am with you”:

A guy loves to hear that he is a hero in a lady’s story. With these words, it makes him feel as though he can protect the world, if he has to. It is very rare for some guys to hear these words. Most of the time, the world and society tend to be hard of them, regardless of their emotions.

You can opt to do it verbally or through a medium, either way, your message would be sent across and would place a big smile on his face. In some cases, tears in his eyes as well. 

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