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Check Out How A Man Was 'Grinding' The Heavy Backside Of His Woman At Their Weeding Ceremony (Video)

Love is sweet, a heart-warming video of newly wedded couples has surfaced on the internet and as usual, Mdk Banahene is here to share the video with you. But before that, please kindly tap on the follow button at the top right corner of your screen in other to get receive any update from this page.

Gone are the days whereby marriages were arranged between parents but for now, beauty they say, lies in the eyes of a beholder and for that matter, everyone goes in for his or her choice.

But it is always advisable to marry someone that your heart really desire for because marriage is "for better for worst" and it's really a long journey. So you need to marry someone you can see as a friend and play with to build a happy marriage.

A video circulating on Instagram see a beautiful couples enjoying themselves at their weeding ceremony. As usual, a groom and his bride is always supposed to dance at their ceremony. In this, the bride decided to turn around and give the husband her heavy backside, the man who looked surprised, open his mouth wide and take a glance at the lady's backside. Infact, he 'grind' her really well as everyone around enjoyed the scene. It's obvious they will build a strong and happy relationship because it was so adorable.

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