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Change Of Plans For The Man Who Married A Doll, See What Happened To His Wife.

These days, we get to see and hear about a lot of really weird and intriguing tales about the lives of different people and individuals around the world. Off course, we live in the 21st century now and a lot of really surprising things are happening around us every day. The world would never forget Yuri Tolochko, the man who made history by marrying a doll who he calls Margo.

This man called Yuri made headlines and shocked the entire world, after he took the bold step to marry his doll. According to him, he fell in love with "Margo", the doll because no real life woman can satisfy him as much as she does. They even had a luxurious wedding party with lots of guests and invitees. See some pictures from their wedding below;

However, there could be change of plans for Yuri, especially after reports revealed that his doll wife, Margo is currently undergoing treatment after she broke down. Details says, she may not be given to her husband until later in January 2021 when they are done fixing her. Yuri and his wife may have had nice plans for the holiday seasons but unfortunately, she needs repairs, being the robot that she is.

Yuri would be highly disappointed off course, because he thought that Margo would be able to handle him like a woman without breaking down. However, we hope that his doll wife would get better. Let's wish her a quick delivery. Please comment your thoughts and share!!!

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