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“This Love na Love Dentist:” Ghanaians React to Girlfriend Picking Food from the Teeth of Her Lover.

In this world, there is always love in the atmosphere. But whether it will last or not is where the contention lies. When couples are in love, they do all sorts of things. Some spend all their monies on their boyfriends and at the end of the day, it could end in marriage or in tears.

Well, this couple has also shown their love to the public. They have taken their love stunts to the next level. The lady was seen removing some food items in the gab of her guy’s teeth. This is clearly the fundamental stage of the relationship and there cannot be more promises for the future but good wishes.

At this age and time, young ones are always unable to allow the process that it takes for a healthy relationship to mature. They are in a hurry to enter into a relationship but they are not ready for the sacrifices. So, as the duo enjoy their love, many Ghanaians look at them and imagine the end results if they go the way of the current trends in town.


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Ghanaians Love na Love Dentist


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