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Common Approaches Guys Use To Flirt With Ladies.

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"A professor who taught sex education classes at a large university asked his students to discuss the various approaches they had used to entice someone into petting or sexual encounters. At first these college-age young people laughed at the lines gradually exposed."

Eventually, however, several of the guys complained that the discussion was ruining their sex lives! Follow-up reports confirmed there were no pregnancies during that session.

This article talks about some of the approaches used by men.

1. The "True Love" Approach

"If you love me, you'll let me." Many guys use this approach to get to sleep with ladies when the ladies are pressured to "show their love" by giving in to the demands of guys for sex. However, the problem is that, if he gets what he wants, what proof will you have that he loves you when it is all over? A good response to this line is "If you love me, you won't ask."

2. The Flattery Approach

One study showed that sexually aroused males rated women in pictures as much more attractive than did those males who were not sexually aroused when viewing the same pictures. When some guys don't have much to say, they tend to flatter ladies. For example, some say "You have such a gorgeous body that I can hardly control myself!"

3. The Situational Approach

"Everybody's doing it" is used by many guys when they try to show that it's not a big deal for ladies to give them what they want. They make it seem as if ladies are missing a lot of stuffs by refusing to give them sex. They usually use phrases such as "Times have changed, live today and don't look back."

4. The Sympathy Approach

For example "Nobody but you understands me. Everybody is against me-my parents, the school, the law. All I need is you to help me, and everything will be OK." From research, this line is very effective in appealing to ladies to give in to the demands of the guy. Perhaps, due to the motherly instincts of ladies.

Other guys use the sympathy approach in the opposite way by showing ladies that they (ladies) will not get love from anyone else if they refuse to give in to their demands. They will make the lady feel that aside themselves, no other guy will want to be with them (ladies). Guys try to show sympathy to ladies but it's a deceptive strategy they try to use to get what they want.

Dear Ladies, please be strong and never allow any guy to treat you like a second class citizen.

5. The Big-Shot Approach

"Girls are standing in line for blocks to date me. You are a very lucky person, you know." From research, this approach usually gets to very young or inexperienced ladies, or ladies with high inferiority complex.

6. The Logical Approach

"I thought were going to get married." "It's a good experience that will benefit our future together."

The Sorenson report revealed that more than 33 percent of the sexually experienced girls believed when they first had sex that they would marry the fellow-but few of them did. Only 7 percent of the sexually active fellows involved in the study thought they would marry the young woman. In such cases, it is either the lady is fooling herself or the guy isn't telling the truth.

7. The Abnormal Approach

"What's the matter with you? Are you frigid or something?" Guys who use this approach usually make ladies feel insufficient and incomplete without sex. They push ladies to look down on themselves and think that without sex, they don't have any value.

8. The Intellectual Approach

Guys who use this approach like having sexual discussions with ladies. They talk about it and discuss it with her in a way that will excite them. If you are a lady and you don't realise this trick early, you might fall in their trap. He will get what he wants with this approach if you fall in love with the conversation.

9. The Threat Approach

"If you don't, I'll date someone else." "If you aren't interested, I won't have any trouble finding someone who is." These guys will let you feel inferior and will make you know that you are just an ordinary person who is not that special. They can threaten you in many ways but don't accept their lies.

10. The Promises, Promises Approach

"You won't get pregnant." "Even if you do, I'll take care of it." "We'll get married soon." Guys usually know what ladies want to hear. They promise them the latest phones, cars and the best outings and the best of everything. They promise to marry you as soon as possible, to take you to Dubai, to give you money and gifts. They just say anything to get what they want. Guys are like politicians, they really know how to make promises that will move mountains. Beware of their promises, it's highly likely that they will never honour any of those promises.

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