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Grab Your Woman Before Christmas: How To End The Curse Of Loneliness Before Christmas

The swimming pools are reopening, the sun is shining and despite the pandemic, the Christmas of 2021 will be hot! Finally, if you add your own. Did you forget your lessons in seduction during confinement? After so many evenings head-to-head with a console or a screen, nothing could be more normal ... If you want to refresh your ideas before the holidays, here are some tips to melt a new meeting for sure (or to win back your girlfriend if your couple is going around in circles).

Take care of your communication as much as possible

In theory, you probably know it by heart: communication is the basis of the couple. Yes Yes. And it is also an essential asset to seduce. Having trouble with the practice? Rest assured, there is no question of going into hellish analyzes. It's just a matter of making real contact. So, look her in the eye and:

-Compliment her, but not just any. Really observe her, tell her about a detail, like the mole on her neck. Tell her you noticed her ring or her clothes. In short, show her that, in your eyes, she is unique, and by no means a simple conquest among many others!

-Make her laugh. Do you think this is trivial advice? Maybe, but it's been scientifically proven for a long time:  humor is a weapon of mass seduction . Be light, joke. If she smiles, it's half won.

-Passionate her. To really please her, you have to have things to say to her. So, offer her subjects of conversation a little more interesting than the contents of your glasses or the color of the weather. Take an interest in his life and his tastes: you will undoubtedly find something in common.

Carefully cultivate your domestic talents

Nothing less attractive than laziness: modern man knows how to do everything, let's face it! To seduce a girl for sure, know how to make yourself useful and efficient in all circumstances:

-Tinkering is cliché, but it's also very useful, and above all, it makes you crack. So this summer, be  the guy who fixes his heeled sandals with a dab of glue  or ties up his parasol before it takes off!

-Cooking is sexy, and not just in front of a grill. You don't have to become a great chef, but if you still don't know how to cook pasta or crack eggs, now is the time to get started. Come on, you can make it for him, this mushroom omelet (it's his favorite, you learned it the day before by asking him the right questions).

-Dancing is sexy too, and in addition it brings people together ... To progress quickly and well, long live the specialized YouTube channels. And let's go for an improvised tango by the pool!

And most importantly, don't forget to be yourself

It's a lot? Breathe in, breathe out: to seduce the girl of your dreams, you don't have to be perfect. In order to be successful this summer, work on your natural qualities as a priority: if you hate salsa or if you are afraid of burning yourself by lighting a barbecue, count on your sensitivity or your talent for puns. Go to the water!

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