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Remember Beautiful Identical Twins Who Vowed to Marry Same Husband? See What's Happening to Them Now

The most lookalike twins in the world recently disclosed how they would like to become pregnant at the same time with the same lover. 34-year-olds Anna and Lucy DeCinque from Perth in Australia live around each other and have been for 9 years, they share a bed with their shared partner, Ben Byrne.

Because they want to go through pregnancy equally, they plan to freeze their eggs at the same time and attempt conception through IVF.

According to Lucy, she and her boyfriend wanted to share the pleasure of pregnancy, along with everything else in their life. "We are going to die next to each other, and we are going to age around each other. This is how it should be".

The decision they have made:

"Nothing more than that. We just want to get pregnant together. Everything that counts is that the baby is strong and safe".

What is currently happening to them:

Both of them stay together with their mom and lover Ben, and they all sleep on the same king-sized bed. Ben, on the other hand, loves them exactly as they are. Some of their past relationships attempted to divide them, but Ben loves them similarly and shows no sign of anger.

This person is incredibly appealing to us, so we decided to see how things would go after that. "We've dated different lovers in the past who didn't get our intimacy or our link.

Lucy revealed that she and her twin sister and Ben always takes showers together. "When it's time to prepare for the day, we do it together. When it's time to get ready for sleep, we do it together."

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