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Why Your Relationship Isn't Working Is As A Result Of These 5 Key Reasons

Love is one profound thing known to humans and everybody deserves it.  Love comes in many forms, but majority of the people seek its expression in an amorous manner with a right partner. For these individuals, amorous relationships has to do with one of the most meaningful aspects of life, and are a rootage of firm gratification .

To fall in love is a beautiful thing, but what do we see now? Relationships are collapsing here and there. Most people want to meet the right man or woman before settling down, and we expect such relationship to last. At times, majority of amorous relationships end in break-up. What really are some of the keen causes? 

1. The God factor

The major factor leading to break-ups in people's relationships is the absence of God. Many people do not commit their relationships into the hands of God. We can recall that God instituted relationship himself when he created mankind. When God is absent in everything that we do, it loses its perfection. So is relationships too. 

2. Trust Issues

Lack or loss of trust is also one of the major harmful antidote to a couple’s long-term success. Without trust, even a well built relationship will end in jeopardy. 

Factors such as jealousy , possessiveness, physical and sexual infidelity, relational game playing, lack of emotional support, lack of financial compatibility, lack of mutually-supportive goals and the likes constitute Trust issues.  

3. Communication Issues

This factor is a big one. Many studies have shown that lack of communication is one of the top reasons for relationships collapsing. Most people find it difficult to communicate with their partners let alone having to spend some time with them. The more this continues, the likely the love one has for the other diminishes and eventually having the relationship tore apart.

4. Relational Abuse 

Many people are mistreated in their relationships. Examples of such abuse include: Oral, emotional, physical, and or even sexual abuse. Aggressive behavior of either of the partners can lead to bringing a well built relationship to a stand still. 

5. Life Habit Abuse

Life habit abuses are behaviors which, although may or may not directly involve the partner, such as addiction to secrete gambling, addiction to drugs, alcohol addiction and even sexual addiction. These may sequentially intend affecting the relationship in a destructive way. 

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