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Wedding planning scene

Checkout The Items Spotted In The Hands Of This New Couple That Got People Talking

A quite hilarious photo is trending on social media about a couple's who are sighted holding rifles to take a photo shoot. This comes with different reactions from people as they are wondering the significant and meaning of the guns spotted in their hands.

A supposed new couple has been spotted in a photo holding guns, the groom was seen with a normal small pistol while the bride hold an AK-47 rifle. Maybe one of them is a military personnel, nobody can say but at least holding such things in public may mean a lot.

There have been different ways people do used to snap either pre-wedding photos or post wedding photos to reflect certain things about the relationship to marriage.

Many people have reacted to this couple's photo as they believe it means "nobody can do us apart", while some are of the view that "anybody born well should stand up and say the wedding won't hold", then they will show them. This is a hilarious photo any couples will ever have.

See some reactions below

What does the photo means to you as related to this marriage?.

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