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10 Things Shy Guys Actually Do When They Are In Love With A Girl

Below are some of the things shy or introvert guys do when they fall in love;

1. They will think about you all the time but wouldn’t say so. They are kind of hesitant in showing the depths of their emotions.

2. They will pay attention to the most trivial things about you and remember the tiniest details of every conversation.

3. They express their love more on messages than they do in one on one meetings.They try to look their best when they go out on a date.

4. They do not show their anger easily to their lover , they just avoid talking to them when they are upset.

5. Moving from their comfort zone - Introverts or shy guys tend to like their space, they are comfortable in silence, but when they love someone, they leave their comfort zone.

6. They will saved all your photos without you knowing about it and when you are not with them, they just look at your pic and smile like a fool.

7. Whether it's your birthday or any special day they don't just go and buy some random gift. They put a lot of efforts remembering about all the things which you told you like them. No, not the costliest watch, not the bike, but those little things which may be as small as your favourite toy which you missed in your childhood or your biggest fantasy to your favorite character in a book. They roam to collect things which you like and actually sit and do handmade gifts to you.

8. They make you feel as if you're some precious thing on earth by writing a long essay about you which you read it n number of times because you can't deny the fact that it is the most beautiful thing ever.

9. They memorize everything about you, the way your lips curve when you smile, sound of your laughter, smell of your cologne, and the feel of your skin against them.

10. They would stay up late or wake up early, just to watch you sleep so peacefully. As much as you think you don’t affect them that much, you hold all the power in the world to hurt them. When you are talking on phone or doing some errands, they secretly check you out. They let all of their high walls they have build around themselves over the years come down, just for you.

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