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Husband and wife relationship

Ladies: Do These 9 Things If Your Husband Doesn’t Like Bathing

Though you showered in the morning, do you normally feel like you stink after a full day’s work, where you find yourself hustling and bustling through the heavy traffic jam in town which is being worsened by the unfriendly scorching African sun? The situation becomes terrible due to the dusty nature of our roads and the environment and despite all these, do you sometimes feel like skipping your evening bath? Well, we all sometimes experience this too and sometimes, fall asleep and later realized we haven’t bathed before sleeping. When it happens so, men mostly become victims for not bathing before sleeping. In this article, I want to briefly share 9 ways ladies can assist their husbands to practice the habit of bathing.

 1. Let him know how bad the situation is when he doesn’t shower and how you feel about it. Letting him know about it will enable him to know that you do not approve of such behaviour rather than keeping it in you and only to express your anger and displeasure about it one day.

 2. Always try to bath with him because some people need a companion to do something. Couples that bath together are happy couples with a strong bond of friendship and love. Bathing together always is another beautiful opportunity to have some chilling and beautiful memories together.


3. Praise the little efforts he makes to bath: Tell him how he looked refreshed and smelled good after bathing and how you will enjoy cuddling and spooning around him in the night instead of a stinking armpit that will put you off and cut off your mood.

 4. You can sometimes create a special time for sex and deeper romance after bathing. Let your husband know it is beautiful to enjoy kissing and having sex when the body is free from sweat, awful smell, sticky and dusty body.

 5. Make sure you will not skip bathing yourself and give up on the practice. To make sure that you will not fail at your goal, you can decide you both bath after eating dinner or immediately you returned from work. Sometimes, the longer you delay, the more challenging and lazy you become to bath.

 6. Remove obstacles that can make bathing difficult. If the weather is cold, ensure that hot water is available. How lovely and beautiful it is when you say to your lover, “Honey! The hot water is ready. Let’s go bath quickly and come to bed”.


7. Train the kids too to bath at least twice a day. Train up the child the way he should go and when he grows, he will not depart from it (Prov. 22:6). If you do not start training and teaching your children, they will grow up and pick up bad habits. Let them know from infancy that cleanliness is next to godliness.

8. Make a simple family law together with your husband and the kids: Example: No Bathing, No Sleeping At Night. This can be a slogan that you can say to each other to remind them of what they are supposed to do.

 9. Make it your personal responsibility to ensure everyone baths until it becomes part of everyone in the family. If it must be done, someone must ensure and enforce it.

 Remember, if you do not cultivate the habit of bathing, you will end up repelling almost everyone around you because of your smelling body and armpit. Bathing relieves you of stress and helps to put the stress of the day behind you. Bathing is medicinal; sometimes, a cold bath can clear away some feeling of sickness.

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