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What you must do if you want to have a lasting relationship with your male partner

This beautiful world is moving at a steady pace. Life is like a drawing of a heart without its zigzags and emotional relationships are only an integral part of that life. The majority of those connected to both sexes suffer from problems that have many causes.

The severity of these problems varies from mere disagreement to quarrels to separation or divorce in the most extreme cases. All these problems and disagreements called psychologists to study those relationships in order to present a manifesto or a plan for a healthy emotional relationship based on strong and sound foundations, ensuring the continuity of the relationship and the comfort of its two parties.

Here I offer you the eleven most important tips provided by psychologists which will help you and your partner build a relationship that you have always dreamed of.

1. Talking frequently and listening to what the other party says will document your knowledge of his inclinations and the insides of his personality and will make him feel happy, because of your interest in his opinion in various topics and issues.

2. Drowning the other side of the relationship with sweet talk. Compliments at the appropriate times, such as praising his dress or his opinion on an issue or his behavior in a particular situation will bring pleasure to his heart and make him feel satisfied.

3. Be sure to appreciate his feelings and not underestimate them. Sharing joy and sadness, even if it is over the simplest things, will strengthen the bonds of your relationship. And when the other person feels that their feelings are appreciated, they will feel safe and grateful for that participation.

4. Keep your promises and take responsibility for your actions. When you do something that hurts your partner, you have to admit your misbehavior. The initiative to apologize will erase the impact of the offense and make you appear as the responsible person.

5. Adhere to the etiquette of conversation and general etiquette in your dealings with your partner. Do not forget the words "please", "kindly" and "thank you" if you request a service.

6. Provide your partner enough time to spend together.

7. Constantly checking up on him. Usually, during the start of relationships, it is evident that both parties always check up on each other and never lets go of each other but as time goes on, that kind of strong bond gradually fades. It then gets to a point where some sort of competition sets in. When that happens, make sure it doesn't continue because some men naturally have an ego.

8. Share his interests. It's okay to go see a movie, go shopping, or watch a football match together.

9. Participation strengthens the extent of the relationship between you and brings it out of the realm of feelings to different walks of life and activity, which will make you remember most of the time. The first gift, the first time you confess your love to your partner and other special moments. And do not forget to give gifts on those special occasions.

10. Be sure to maintain your patience. The ability to self-control, not to be emotional, calm discussion and accept the other opinion on many topics such as politics, sports and favorite foods will make your partner feel the extent of your appreciation for his person and his opinions, which will increase his love and appreciation for you.

11. Involve your partner in planning for the future. Because this future will be part of his future. These discussions about future plans and goals will help you both enjoy your time together and create added value for both of you.

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