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Remember The Lady Who Stopped Her Hubby's Wedding? This is What Happened After Her Story Was Aired

A lady by the name Janviere story like a month ago went viral on all social media platforms after her story was aired by afrimax TV as she stopped her husband's wedding where he was marrying another woman after abandoning her with their kid.

Afrimax media aired her story, in which she stormed into a church and instantly halted the wedding ceremony. She also accused her spouse of snatching their two young children from her arms.

As a result of the generosity of well-wishers, the mother of five can't hide her tears of delight. As a result of the media attention her tale received, she was able to secure the return of her two children and reunite with her family. For abandoning her and their children when they needed him most, she says she will never forgive his actions

She was able to move into a big house with the support of well-wishers after her two children returned home and the family grew and she required a larger house to accommodate all her children.

She couldn't hold back her emotions of joy when she learned that her well-wishers had covered the entire cost of her children's schooling. The folks who aided her during her time of need have been thanked. She says she will always be grateful for the people who gave her a reason to live, even though she had already given up hope.

Honestly some men are so heartless some of our ladies go through hell in the name of marriage. This young man abandoned his wife and children in the village for years didn't send them money for feeding but he has money to remarry. 

This woman takes care of her family, children and home expenses from her farm work. Men it's high time you start treating that woman you marry with respect, she's a human being not a trash.

Source: Afrimax TV

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