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Keep Him In The Relationship: 8 Things Women Should Do If They Don't Want Their Men To Leave

Some people think it's always up to the man to sweep a girl off her feet, but the truth is that men love just as much romance as women. The perception of romance is different for everyone. For example, girls find intimate moments of conversation, hugs and the occasional bouquet of flowers impossibly romantic, while men may prefer something on the sweeter or sexier side - such as buying new lingerie or taking an interest in one of his favorite things.

Men need a little romance every now and then. If you want to show your man just how much you love and adore him, you are going to go through these 8 romantic actions for him. 

1. Strengthen the friendship in your marriage.

Research proves that satisfaction over relationships is higher when spouses are best friend to each other, so, the next time you want to do something romantic for him, why not deepen your marital friendship by doing things he likes to do? 

Watch his favorite movie, play card games, or spend the afternoon playing video games together. There is nothing more romantic than giving your partner your undivided attention. And the more quality time you spend with your partner, the happier you will be. 

2. Find ways to be thoughtful

Breakfast at bedtime is a wonderful romantic gesture that you can do for your husband or boyfriend. Bring him a bowl of cereal or go all out with French toast and bacon to give his day the perfect start. Even something as simple as brewing his cup of coffee in the morning can make him smile.

Research conducted on what makes a happy marriage showed that couples gratitude towards each other were one of the highest predictors in relationship satisfaction.

3. Give him a massage

Who does not love a good massage from their partner? This is not only a romantic and thoughtful gesture - to relax your boyfriend and relieve him of any stress he feels - but it is also incredibly sexy. Get some lotion and rub it all over his body to calm his sore muscles. 

He will keep the feeling of your hands on him and will appreciate the gesture. Research shows that physical affection such as giving back, massages, and stress from your spouse is strongly associated with partner satisfaction. That, not only do you give him a relaxing evening to remember, but you also stimulate intimacy in your relationship.

4. Flirt with him

Flirting through text is sweet and fun, but in public flirting is where the real romance begins. When you are in public, maybe from dinner or at a show, flirting increases your emotional and physical connection. It builds sexual expectation for what will happen once you are home.

Flirt with your man by whispering naughty things to him, saying suggestive things, playing with your hair, or licking your lips. Gently shaking your body against his is a great way to physically flirt when you are in public.

5. Plan on a great date night

Is there anything more romantic than a date night for two? Studies show that couples who have regular date nights (that is, one or more times a month) have healthier relationships than those who do not.

Research done by The National Marriage Project shows that couples divorce less often when they spend quality time together on a date night. They also stimulate their communication skills, strengthen marriage friendships, help prevent boredom in relationships, and get it done - increase sexual expectation and satisfaction. What is not to love about the idea of ​​a date night? Next time, when you want to date your boyfriend, plan a date night that he will never forget.

6. Give him a boys night

One of the best romantic actions for him is to show him how much you respect his friendships. While this is not inherently lovey dovey romance between partners, there is something incredibly sweet about encouraging your partner to hang out with their friends. Plan a guy's night out for your husband, whether it's a movie night at home, poker, grilling, and beer, going to the batting booths, or him and his friends buying some tickets for karting.

Take it a step further by looking for ways to make his guy's night more enjoyable. Bake cupcakes or make your world famous nachodip so they can snack to their heart’s content. This shows your man that not only do you want him to have a nice night out, but you want him to have the best possible snacks on hand.

7. Pick up one of his hobbies

One great way you can romanticize your boyfriend is by taking an interest in one of his favorite hobbies. Does he play guitar? Ask him questions about it. Was he self-taught or did he take lessons? What drew him to the guitar? Can he teach you to play?

Not only will your interest in his favorite things make him feel special, but research shows couples who share hobbies experience a spike in marital happiness and satisfaction.

8. Bake something for him

They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, so the next time you want to express your love for your man, bake him something sweet. Stick to classic romantic sweets such as chocolate chip cookies, heart shaped desserts, or make his absolute favorite treat.

Romantic actions for him do not have to be over the top to be great. Doing something as simple as complimenting your husband or putting him to bed in the morning can do wonders to make him feel special. Sharing hobbies, respecting only time, and planning great date nights will definitely get him off his feet.

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