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Bromhidrosis(Body odour). How To Tell A Friend Without Being Offensive And Ways To Manage It.

Do you remember way back in school your sitting partner was having bromhidrosis and you didn't know how to let him know. Sometimes you will go the extra mile to buy body splashes and all sort of body sprays for him but he will take it and not use them. He will tell you he doesn't like those things. This will make you think out loud "do you even know you stink"?. Some too knew about it but didn't know how to treat it. Ever had that moment where you wonder if you smell, well, not so great? It happens. But you can help yourself by doing these to make body odor go away.

People have the misconception that "Bromhidrosis is inherited" whiles some also say the baby's first bath at the hospital when neglected may lead to bromhidrosis. I disagree with all the above because there's no scientific evidence proven the above to be true. So incase you are going through such experience don't be shy and get help.

Body is as a result of a mixture of sweat and bacteria found on our skin. They are there waiting for you to make a mistake so that the will capitalize on it and you will see the effect as your body begins to smell. Places where body odour begins

- The groins.

- The armpits.

- Inbetween your buttocks.

- Behind the ears.

- The genitals.

- The anus.

- The feet

- Your pubic hair grows.

- The navel.


There are two types of sweat glands a person skin contains.

1.Eccrine sweat gland.

2. Apocrine sweat gland.

Apocrine glands start to function at puberty and are associated with hair follicles in the underarms and groin. These glands produce a viscous, protein-rich sweat that is initially odorless. However, as bacteria break down the abundance of proteins, they will produce odorant molecules in greater concentrations, causing body odor.

In contrast, eccrine sweat glands predominantly regulate body temperature through perspiration and are not as strongly linked with body odor.


Body odor can occur almost anywhere on a person’s body. However, there is a way to manage the causes of body odor, taking the following steps:

-Lemon and Ash.

You can apply this in the areas you sweat alot 5 to 10 minutes before you take your bath. Parents should be particular about this because they can help us by making it apart of us. Especially when they know the smell their baby produces is unpleasant.

- Bathing regularly.

A person should wash regularly with soap. Bath at least twice a day, and you'll wash away sweat and get rid of most of the bacteria on the skin.Sweat by itself is basically odorless. But when the bacteria that live on your skin mix with sweat, they multiply quickly and becomes unpleasant.Washing thoroughly, especially the areas where you tend to sweat, can help with body odor and ensure that you dry those areas well. Once you're done bathing, dry yourself well, paying attention to any areas where you sweat a lot. If your skin is dry, it's harder for bacteria that cause body odor to breed on.

- Shaving.

Hair harbour germs and when there is sweat it creates room for bacteria to multiply and produces bad odour at the end so it important to take care of hair growing around these areas. Having hair in areas such as the armpits can slow down the evaporation of sweat, giving bacteria more time to break down and create odour. Shaving can help body odor control in that area. 

-Using antiperspirants.

Once you’re clean and dry, use a strong antiperspirant on your underarms. They have a chemical that helps keep sweat at bay, and they often also have a deodorant in them. You don’t need a prescription to get a powerful antiperspirant. Look for ones that say they’re in higher strength.

Clothes should be kept Clean always.

Change clothes often when you're sweating heavily. Soak cloth in warm water and avoid keeping them in the laundry basket for long without washing. Fresh clothes help keep body odor down.Be sure to change your socks as well, especially if you tend to have foot odor. Use deodorant powders in your shoes, replace insoles often, and go barefoot when possible.

If you think you need more help, feel free to ask your doctor about it. 

Ways to tell a friend without being offensive.

Buying her body splashes, discussing articles such as this with her. Telling her stories about friends you know who had body odour and weren't shy and asked for help. You can even let her accompany you to the clinic for a body check up.

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