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Husband and wife relationship

If your wife or girlfriend is not Smiling, do not worry. Tell her these five(5) sweet words

Most women pretend not to be happy in a relationship. Well most of these unhappiness are sometimes real. The real cause of these bad mood is something their husbands are not doing for them. If you see your wife unhappy in the relationship, you do not have to worry much. Below are some sweet words you need to tell her to make her joyful again.

#5. My heart is beating your name.

This doesn't happen in real life. The heart only bumps blood and not names. However, telling your wife or girlfriend this will make her super happy. It will show that, you care about her. Her sadness will turn into a smile. Sometimes she may think you are joking but it will surely end up in a smile.

#4. My love, you deserve the entire world. 

The world is not for anyone and also it is for everyone. Your wife and girlfriend will cherish and also value this.

#3. You are my Treasure

There are several treasures out there which is very valuable and expensive. Telling your woman to be same as a treasure is a guaranteed way to make her happy again.

#2. You are more than just beautiful.

This is quite the most common word most men tell their women. It really works. Women need to be entertained with sweet words. Any husband denying his wife this is really killing the relationship.

#1. You are like Heaven in Human Form.

Undoubtedly, the is something new to tell her. No matter the mood of your woman, she will smile. Heaven is believed to be the best and most beautiful place ever to be. Telling your woman to have the same beauty as Heaven is a plus.

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