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Husband and wife relationship

My Wife Destroyed Me To Him. Indeed Some Women Are Not Reliable

Good morning. I trust you are well. I don’t know what I did to my wife but the discovery I made last night is mind boggling.We have been married for 5 years now with two beautiful kids: a girl and a boy. The boy is just 8 months. Before I married her, one lady from nowhere called me to tell me about an affair my wife was having with her husband. I didn’t even bother as I didn’t think it was my problem.

Five years later, I just realized my wife is still with this guy and that is not even the worse part: she is just destroying me to him like some toy. As I write this now, I am at Aburi Botanical gardens for some calmness. I drove all the way here from Dansoman just to seek peace and pray for calmness.

I am sending you just a little bit of what she sent to him and I saw on her phone. As well as my reply to her this morning. You can share it. I don’t even care. That is only one of the numerous WhatsApp messages she sent. The guy has even been coming to my house when I am gone for lectures. For the best part of what I recall, I started work at Hubtel around March last year and stopped around December 2020.

During those times and prior, I do not ever remember letting “my family go hungry.” I did everything for my wife and kids. I fed, paid bills, took my wife on dates and made sure my kids had at least decent clothing as well.

My response to my wife: “I don’t know if you still remember but the car we are driving is worth GHS36k, the loan I made you take was part of the payment. Whichever way it is, I am not an envious person. Since we got married, I have never cheated on anyone to make gains, not to talk of my own wife.

I know I have not been perfect, I have not been the best husband and I have not even been close to good but I have treated you well Ama. I resigned my work for two main reasons: to be available for Junior, our son, and be able to take the course I am doing so that I can be a better man soon in regards to finance.”

“I have helped you through your pregnancies, I shopped, swept, cleaned, washed, bathed the kids. I have not let any “real need” be of any challenge to you. I sweep the house, lay bed and I wash dishes when I can or you can’t. I clean the toilet and wash bathroom. I really did not know all this was not enough. I made sure you had entertainment at home and also made sure there is always food on the table.

Even when I am not actively working, I always bring money home for at least our feeding. You do well by also making your salary available for us but I really thought that is how marriage is supposed to be.”

“I can’t believe you will tell your ex, that I Obi with my entire extended family, feed on your money, drive your car and I still have the effontery to carry myself around with pride. And I insult and cheat on you. You even tell him when I am not home so that he could come around and also even ask money from him as well as let him give my kids money.

Jesus! What wrong did I do to you? Have I not always made sure you are okay? Can I ever lie to any woman about you the way you have destroyed me to him? To the extent of you borrowing money from him. Ama! Hmmmmm!”

“I have always found a way to bring money home whether I am employed or not. You lied to me saying it was that lady friend of yours that gave you the money and that she didn’t even ask anything. How could you? Why have you sold me this cheaply to a man you loved or still love? What hatred at all have you developed for me that you could not address?”

“For all my relationships, past and present, this is the deepest wound of all and it is coming from my own wife. Wow! And mind you, I read the entire chats. Maybe one or all those your exes that you mentioned were better than me might want you back. Or he himself still wants you and that is why you two secretly meet behind me.”

“I have nothing to say to you Ama. Congrats!”

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