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Easy ways to get a shy guy to admit he likes you

When you’re talking to a shy guy, it might be a little hard to tell if he likes you or not. Getting a shy guy to open up about his feelings can be tough, but thankfully, there are ways you can make him feel more comfortable and confident about sharing his feelings. In this piece, we shall look at ways you can get a shy guy to admit that he likes you to take your relationship to the next level.

1.Make eye contact with him.

Prolonged eye contact sends a signal that you like him. If you want him to feel comfortable, try looking him deep in the eye and holding that contact. He’ll probably feel more comfortable, and he’ll be more likely to open up to you.Don’t worry if he has trouble meeting your gaze—he’s probably just nervous.

2.Touch him on the arm or the shoulder.

Break the physical barrier to make him feel comfortable. When you two are together, pat his hand or touch him on the arm when you laugh at his joke. This is a way to let him know that you like him, which could make him feel more comfortable about opening up to you.

You could also give him a hug or kiss him on the cheek. If he reciprocates your physical touches, it’s a good sign that he’s into you.

3. Give him some space

If he misses you, he’s more likely to open up to you. You don’t have to hang out 24/7; see him a few times a week, but let him have some alone time, too. Shy guys often need some time on their own to rest and recharge, so it’s a win-win.Try to let him initiate some of your plans,

4. Ask him if he’s looking for a relationship.

Get a read on how he feels about dating to see if he’s into you. If he wholeheartedly wants to couple up with someone, it’s a good sign that he might like you. If he’s unwilling to answer or he says he’s not looking for a relationship, he might be trying to let you down easily.

5.Open up about your feelings first

He’ll be more likely to share if he knows you like him. Let him know that you have feelings for him so he feels comfortable opening up, too. You don’t have to make it a big deal, but you can let him know that you really like him and care about him, and you want to see where this goes.

6.Text him instead of talking in person

Shy guys are often more comfortable opening up over text. Instead of asking him questions while you two are together, try texting him to get a read on his feelings. He might be more willing to talk about the fact that he likes you if he can just send you a text.

Although it might feel less special than an in-person talk, feel free to tell him you like him over text. It will take the pressure off both of you so you can talk freely.

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